Best Camping And Backpacking Toilet Paper

It’s important to leave nature as undisturbed as possible when you’re camping. This means leaving a small carbon footprint in the woods or campsite. You need to be careful when it comes to your camping gear and this includes toilet paper.

The TP of your choice should be biodegradable to protect the environment. Here are some top choices for camping and backpacking toilet paper.

Cottonelle’s Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper

This is a good choice not only for campers and hikers but also for households. The clean ripple texture makes each sheet more productive so you use less. It is also made with safe flush technology so it is safe for sewers and septic tanks.

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Scott Paper Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue

This rapid dissolving TP is great not only for the environment but also for septic tanks and sewers. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be made from sustainable materials. Despite being only 1 ply, this TP is durable and soft.

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Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

This TP is made specifically for RV and marine sanitation systems. It is 100% biodegradable and durable. Many people also like this TP because of its softness and is comfortable to use.

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Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper

Coleman has long been associated with camping and the outdoors so it’s not really very strange that they would have their own brand of toilet paper. Their toilet paper is 2-ply, light and is safe to use for septic tanks.

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Coghlan’s 9177 Toilet Tissue

This TP is soft, strong and absorbent. Specifically made for RV, home and kitchen use; you can take this with you wherever you go. It is also coreless to reduce bulk for easy transport.

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Standard toilet paper is usually made from trees and has fragrances. Biodegradable TP on the other hand is made from sustainable materials like bamboo, cotton and wood fiber. It also takes less time to break down in the environment because it is less bulky than standard TP. Best of all, biodegradable TP is a good choice for people with sensitive skin because it does not contain artificial fragrances.

So think twice before buying just any toilet paper for your camping or backpacking trip. Biodegradable TP dissolves more quickly and uses less water. It might seem like small things but it can have a huge impact on the environment.

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